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MICROCAT Microbials

Bioscience Microbial

Bioscience, Inc.’s MICROCAT® (“microbial catalyst”) formulations are designed to enhance biological waste treatment systems’ ability to break down difficult-to-degrade organic compounds and handle highly variable waste treatment conditions.

Safe, reliable and stable, MICROCAT bioaugmentation products consist of unique, proprietary combinations of specialized naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients. More than fifty customizable formulas have been engineered to meet the demands of specific industrial, municipal and commercial situations.

With blends of specialized, naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients, our microbial products naturally enhance the biodegradation of wastewater by increasing the existing microbial population in the wastewater treatment plant. When added in a biological wastewater treatment plant, microbials result in aeration, odor control, phosphorous and nitrogen removal, and BOD reduction.

Our microbial products are 100% safe for bioaugmentation in a biological wastewater treatment and can be used in various environments, including – heavy process industries (refineries, chemical plans, pulp mills, chemical plants, textile plants, and steel mills); agriculture (farms, vineyards, and plantations); aquaculture (fish & shrimp aquaculture facilities); municipal sewage treatment and collection systems; residential septic systems; and commercial kitchens and institutions.

MICROCAT microbials offer:

  • Biological waste treatment for less than 1 cent per 1,000 gallons treated
  • Direct addition to treatment/remediation systems with or without prehydration
  • Preweighed, easy-to-use packaging
  • Long shelf lives
  • Quick delivery; most products ship from stock

MICROCAT products are suitable for application in a variety of environments:

Bioscience provides technical service to help diagnose the causes of problems and determine what MICROCAT products and application rates are required as well as process modifications that may help resolve problems in a particular wastewater treatment plant. Bioscience works with our customers to solve problems, save money and meet their treatment goals.

Why use MICROCAT products?

Bioscience engineers MICROCAT based on the latest commercially available advances in natural biotechnology designed to solve specific waste treatment problems. Our microbial products are designed to augment the microbes already present in biological treatment systems – increasing efficiency, increasing capacity, restoring lost functions and saving money in the process.

MICROCAT products are recommended after an engineering analysis of the specific end use treatment system. Our bioaugmentation programs are designed to deliver:

  • Improved removal of organic pollutants from wastewater
  • Enhanced process stability (less disruption due to sludge loads or toxic influent)
  • Reduced sludge generation
  • Improved floc structure and settling
  • Reduced odor
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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