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MICROCAT® Liquid Product Feeder

Bioscience, Inc., MICROCAT Liquid Product Feeder

The MICROCAT® Liquid Product Feeder is the easiest, most-cost effective way to apply liquid microbial products from Bioscience, Inc.

The use of automated product dispensing is required or preferred for many MICROCAT product applications. The MICROCAT Liquid Product Feeder automatically mixes dispenses specific amounts of liquid microbial formulations at predetermined intervals.

There’s no easier way to deploy liquid MICROCAT formulas in:

  • Municipal and industrial collection systems
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Grease traps and interceptors

Suitable for mounting on a wall, the MICROCAT Liquid Product Feeder features:

  • Easy programming for as many as eight dispenses per day, up to seven days per week
  • Support for 110V, 220V or D-Cell battery power

The MICROCAT Liquid Product Feeder is simply the easiest way to deploy liquid microbial products. Fill out the form at right for more information.